The old way of managing sterile processing or medical device reprocessing departments, hand-collecting data, and spending hours going through paperwork to trace a recall has now gone. At least that’s what Northview Medical Healthcare Solutions is offering – a chance to leave the old way behind in favor a new, streamlined way of running your organization.

There has been a widespread number of software solutions in the market which claim to be a complete solution for tracking, tracing and management of your departments surgical equipment. When it began in 2012, Northview Medical Solutions was dedicated to connecting Pharmaceutical Companies with consumer data in order to maximize efficiency of their brands . Eventually, the company expanded to create Northview Medical Healthcare Solutions and teamed up with Besco Projects to bring to you “Stemato”, the crowning achievement in Instrument Tracking and Management Software. With this new, digital platform, Surgical Offices, Hospitals, Endoscopy departments and Sterile Processing Centers can streamline operations ranging from scheduling to data collection, analytics, asset marking, tracing, tracking and managing the entire process from when a surgical set is used in the operating room through the entire process until it is rendered sterile and available for the next use.

Clients of Northview Medical Healthcare Solutions receive the latest technology specifically designed for the surgical and medical device reprocessing departments . Northview Medical continues to be a world leader in bringing the most current products to the surgical world.

Northview Medical Healthcare Solutions is a privately-owned company based in Toronto, Canada.

We provide a complete end to end solution through the Stemato Tracking Software developed by Besco Projects. Stemato Tracking Software can unlock your department and allow you to become data rich and strengthen the quality control in your respective organization allowing organizations to make evidence based decisions.


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